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Ticket sales problems no more


Using this new cutting-edge toolkit,
you can increase your
ticket sales in staggering amounts



By Jon Spoelstra

Co-Author The Ultimate Toolkit

Every team could use a superstar attraction like a Michael Jordan or a LeBron James to sell a ton of tickets. 

But, those types of players come once in a generation.  And, alas, odds are that once-in-a-generation player probably won't play for your team.

Instead of waiting for that Superstar to boost your team's ticket sales, you can do something organic and far more predictable.

What’s needed is spot-on strategy and proven how-to. 

For instance, what precise steps does your Ticket Sales Manager take to train and manage your team’s sales staff to help them sell a lot more tickets?  I’m talking about precise step-by-step guidelines. 

What precise steps does your Group Ticket Sales Manager take to sell a ton more group tickets?


What’s the depth of your training of your ticket sales staff?  The pharmaceuticals train their salespeople for months; many teams train their salespeople in hours or less.  A ticket sales staff that is well trained can increase their sales by 300% within months, even in the most challenging situations.

When sound strategy and tactics are buttressed by well coordinated and well planned efforts by your ticket sales managers and well trained ticket salespeople then, yes then, you can increase your ticket sales in staggering amounts.  And, yes, increased ticket sales do indeed then become predictable.





I could see where you might think The Ultimate Toolkit is just a re-hash of my How to Sell the Last Seat in the House.   It’s not.  First though let me tell you what is brand new:


  1. Four new workbooks written specifically for your Ticket Sales Manager.  These workbooks are very precise in how-to instruction to help them teach, train and manage your ticket sales staff. 
  1. Three new workbooks written specifically for your Group Ticket Sales Manager.  Many teams leave a ton of group sales on the table, and the Group Sales Manager is often too inexperienced to even know those sales are just laying there.  These workbooks are step-by-step on how to sweep up those lost sales and create eye-popping bottom-line improvement in your group sales staff.  
  1. Website treasures.  When you buy The Ultimate Toolkit, you receive a authorization to this website at no additional cost.  Here are just some of the items on this private website.

·        Teaching Powerpoints.  We provide all the Powerpoints you need to teach your Corporate Sales Boot Camp and your Group Sales Boot Camp.  You don’t have to re-create the wheel.  Just download them and tweak them for your team.

·        Telechart Cards.  We use Telechart Cards in teaching salespeople to get appointments with CEO’s.  These are on the web site; just download and personalize them for your team.

·        Video:  Ticket Sales Pitch.  What does a perfect ticket sales pitch to a CEO look like? Here it is.  Use this as a benchmark for your salespeople to achieve.

·        Video: Group Sales Pitch.  How about a perfect group sales pitch?  Here’s a copy.  Use this as a benchmark for your group salespeople to achieve.

·        Ads that have worked for us in marketing tickets.  You can use these ads, adjusting them to your particular team.

·        Renewal letters.  We’ve got a bunch of renewal letters that worked for us.  You can download any of them, tweak them for your team and use them.

·        Forms.  We believe in keeping track of sales progress.  You don’t have to invent forms for that.  Just download them from our website. 


You have access to all this stuff and a lot more.  Heck, the website alone is well worth the cost of The Ultimate Toolkit, but you get it for free when you buy The Ultimate Toolkit.






Steve DeLay is my co-author for all this stuff.  Between Steve and I we’ve been part of more than 2,500 sellouts.  We’ve sold tickets for teams in the NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball and consulted for plenty of other teams. 


We’ve put 50+ combined years of experience selling tickets into a comprehensive How To for ticket sales called The Ultimate Toolkit.  Part of that Toolkit is a complete front-to-back re-write of the three-volume How to Sell the Last Seat in the House.  We added ten new chapters.  We provide new examples, new strategies and new tactics in the new three-volume workbooks titled Tactics & Strategies.   




The cost for The Ultimate Toolkit is $3750.  This includes these eleven workbooks:



  1-3. Strategy & Tactics Playbook.

  4.  The President’s Handbook.

  5.  Ticket Sales Manager’s Bible.

  6.  Ticket Sales Manager’s Boot Camp Manual.

  7.  Getting the Appointment Handbook.

  8.  Getting the Sale Handbook.

  9.  Group Sales Manager’s Bible.

10.  Group Sales Manager’s Boot Camp Manual.

11.  Group Salesperson’s Handbook. 



At no extra cost you get full access to the website which includes:



1.   Video:  Ticket Sales Pitch

2.   Video: Group Sales Pitch.

3.   Ads have worked for us in marketing tickets.

4.   Renewal letters

5.   PowerPoints to use at Corporate Sales Boot Camps.

6.   PowerPoints to use at Group Sales Boot Camps.

7.   All types of reports to help you track improvements



You might question the expense of The Ultimate Toolkit. The better question would be: Is it efficient?  Heck, one new idea that leads to one new season ticket buyer pays for The Ultimate Toolkit.  Or one new idea in group sales that leads to a couple of new groups pays for it.  One small idea taken from it pays for The Ultimate Toolkit.  What if you take 50 ideas from it?  That’s when it really becomes efficient.  



Making The Ultimate Toolkit work for you is easy.  You begin with Strategy & Tactics.  Then get your sales managers in lockstep with you.  Then your salespeople.  But, it all starts by ordering The Ultimate Toolkit.  

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Jon Spoelstra;